Leben und Sterben, groß III

Leben und Sterben, groß III
Hubert Schmalix
Leben und Sterben, groß III

1983, tempera on canvas

240 x 200 cm

Peter Dörflinger
o. T.
Alois Mosbacher
Reusen am Meer
Peter Krawagna
Große Liegende
Jürgen Messensee
Haus für die Stäbe
Walter Pichler
Günter Brus
Fabian Seiz
Wunderwelt: Langes rotes Pferd
Alfred Klinkan
Leben und Sterben, groß III
Hubert Schmalix
2011: Reality and Abstraction I - figurative and expressive concepts from 1980 until today

As a follow-up to the selection of works from the Liaunig Collection shown last year, during 2011 and 2012 the Liaunig Museum will be presenting an extensive exhibition with a focus on art from 1980 until the present day.

The exhibition, which will be displayed in two parts under the title Reality and Abstraction, will spotlight major aspects of contemporary Austrian art, supplemented by examples of work from international artists.

Part I of the show will open in May 2011 and present expressive-gestural tendencies in painting, sculpture and graphics. In 2012, this will be followed by Part II, which will be concerned primarily with concrete and reductive positions. 

Parallel to the exhibition, a 212-page, richly illustrated catalogue with an introduction by Peter Baum is to be published.