Ohne Titel 169

Ohne Titel 169
Eva Schlegel
Ohne Titel 169

2008, Siebdruck auf Blei, Ed.2/5

123 x 183 cm

Wolfgang Ernst
Weiß - Schwarz 16
Imi Knoebel
dissociation series, paintings
Karl Hikade
Oskar Schlemmer, Nr. 9
Hermann Painitz
90 - 56
Osamu Nakajima
Tony Cragg
Ohne Titel 169
Eva Schlegel
15 x 94° - Schichtung
Michael Kienzer
C(olor) P(roposition) # 20
Ingo Nussbaumer
2012: Reality and Abstraction 2 - specific abd reductive tendencies from 1980 until today

The aim of the collector Herbert Liaunig and his art-loving family, was to offer the public access to important works and major blocks from his art collection, which has been built up over more than forty years and centres on painting, sculpture and singular works on paper. The objective was to thus shed light on the astonishing potential of Austrian contemporary art and this intention attains preliminary fruition during the current year with the exhibition “Reality and Abstraction 2”.

Accompanied by a richly illustrated, in-depth catalogue book (edited by Silvie Aigner), which is the fourth publication in a series, the current cross-section of the museum’s collection shows no less than 200 works. To a large extent, these consist of concrete art, geometric abstraction, minimalism and monochrome painting.