Joos & Joos

1970, oil on canvas

150 x 150 cm

Fluidoide Persian Exercise
Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Bewegung II
Wander Bertoni
Stehende Frau
Kurt Absolon
R 2, Vienna
Marc Adrian
Markus Prachensky
Joos & Joos
Gottfried Fabian
Hans Hartung
Werner Berg
2010: Tradition and Avantgarde – Art in Austria 1945 – 1980

The much-praised opening exhibition furnished a cross-section of the collection's highlights. This is now to be augmented with a finely tuned supplementary exhibition composed entirely of works from the collection.

Over 350 exhibits, from Avramidis to Zechyr, arranged in sections of art historical relevance, will clarify the potential and scope of the cultural renaissance that followed the end of world war two. The new exhibition showcases painters, sculptors and draughtsmen of the transition period such as Boeckl, Berg, Fronius und Wotruba, all the major representatives of concrete art such as Hildegard Joos and Marc Adrian, as well as representatives of the abstract and the informal (Prachensky, Staudacher, Mikl, Hollegha and Rainer). The exhibits also include works by the „Wirklichkeiten" group (Jungwirth, Ringel, Pongratz) and from Cornelius Kolig, Bruno Gironcoli, Roland Goeschl or Franz Xaver Ölzant.

The visual concept of the exhibition, which is dominated by daylight, promotes an exciting and generous overall impression. A thrilling panorama is created, full of shared characteristics and artistic contrasts with pointers to an art scene that particularly in the 1960s was still expanding.

Parallel to the exhibition, a 160-page, richly illustrated catalogue with an introduction by Peter Baum is to be published.