Museum Liaunig 

In 2019 our museum, with its wealth of variety, surprises, and visitor-friendly attractions such as the shop, atrium, multi-function room, and café, is the venue of a multifaceted exhibition and concert programme that is not to be missed:

The main exhibition provides an insight into the diversity of the Liaunig collection
and reveals the surprising connections between works of art from the past and from the present.

The triangular special exhibition room continues to house the Old Friends series. The successive exhibitions of Wolfgang Hollegha (April 28 – July 28) and Kurt Kocherscheidt (August 4 – October 31) provide the setting for the concerts of the chamber music series sonusiade, which was founded in 2017.

The graphics section is focusing on the artist, photographer, art critic, curator and long-time museum director Peter Baum, on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

The historical collections can be seen as a counterpoint to these contemporary exhibitions: in 2019 the collection of Akan Gold will again be on display, alongside
rare stamps from the Austrian monarchy and precious European silver from the Renaissance to the Baroque.

In good weather, the sculpture park will offer an invitation to stroll through a spacious park landscape. Together with the works presented in the circular sculpture depot, this open-air exhibition constitutes a representative selection of pieces by Austrian and international artists that extends from the classic modern period to the present day.

Exhibitions 2019

Der Zukunft herzlichst gewidmet
Kunst aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart in der Sammlung Liaunig

Main Exhibition

Wolfgang Hollegha / Kurt Kocherscheidt
Changing Special Exhibition as part of the series Old Friends

PETER BAUM Archive  Bibliotheca Collection 
Special Exhibition in the graphics section

Akan Gold
European Silver from 1490 to 1830
Stamps from the Austrian monarchy from 1850 to 1867

Historical Collections

Sculpture Depot

Sculpture Park

Museum Liaunig
April 28 – Oktober 31, 2019 ∙ Wednesday – Sunday 10 am – 6 pm
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