• Museum Liaunig
  • Opening hours
    28 April–31 October 2024
    Wed–Sun: 10 am–6 pm
  • Unique Architecture
    already listed as a historical monument
  • sonusiade
    Chamber music at Museum Liaunig


Opening Hours

28 April–31 October 2024
Wed–Sun: 10 am–6 pm
Mon, Tue: chlosed

Music in the Museum Liaunig – sonusiade 2024

The triangular special exhibition room at the Museum Liaunig is transformed into a unique concert hall thanks to the interplay of music, visual art and contemporary architecture.

The changing special exhibitions "Otto Eder" and "Roman Scheidl 75" form the framework of the sonusiade matinees 2024.

Info & ticket sales: Museum Liaunig +43 (0)4356 21115
office@museumliaunig.at | www.museumliaunig.at



The Maximilian and Agathe Weishaupt Collection in dialogue with the Liaunig Collection

Otto Eder

100th anniversary

Meina Schellander

(in a circle a square)

Peter Baum

Artist posters 1955–1975

Historical Collections

Exhibition recommendation 

The collection "Akan Gold" can be seen as a special exhibition in the Knauf-Museum Iphofen from 17 March to 10 November 2024.

The Knauf-Museum is a private museum in the Franconian town of Iphofen and an institution of Knauf Gips KG. The permanent collection of reliefs from the great cultural epochs of antiquity is unique in Europe.